Australian Holidays And Travel

Australia is approximately 2,967,897 square miles in size and is located in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the world’s smallest and driest inhabited continent and includes a number of islands in the Southern, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

Australian holidays and travel is anything but boring. In addition to coral wonders, eucalyptus, and one-of-a-kind animals like Saltwater Crocodile, Koala Kookaburra, and Kangaroos, when visiting Australia time should also be left to enjoy the nightlife and cultural adventure that is an essential part of Australia. Whether you have a week or a month, your Australia travel holiday will never have a dull moment.

Australia is split into six main sections. Queensland, Victoria, West Australia, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, and the island of Tasmania make up the country, and each state and territory has its own natural beauty and tourist attractions. From the magnificent and cultured Sydney Opera House and its performing arts, to the awesome outback of Alice Springs and its unique indigenous wildlife through to the powerful and spiritually commanding Ayres Rock, including The Great Barrier Reef which offers dazzling coral displays and pristine white beaches.

When traveling in Australia’s major cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, and you’ll find a modern mix of exciting urban life and a diverse range of cultural activities such as major arts festivals that showcase music, theatre, dance, and more. Australia is also a sporting haven where adventure sports of all descriptions have taken a strong hold and is also a great place to view a game of cricket or one of the Australian versions of football.. Australia’s biggest attraction is its natural beauty, and its rainforests are the most diverse and beautiful examples in the world.

From it’s lively cosmopolitan cities, to the 10,000 beautiful beaches, or endless outback, there is an Australian holiday and destination to intrigue and delight every traveler.